2 Nov, 2017

Hunt for IoT Devices: Bots on the rise

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The Internet of Things (IoT) and, specifically, the hunt for exploitable IoT devices by attackers, has been a primary area of research for F5 Labs for over a year now—and with good reason. IoT devices are becoming the cyber weapon delivery system of choice by today’s botnet-building attackers. And, why not? There are literally billions [...]

23 Aug, 2017

TeamSpy a 10 year long cyber-espionage operation has resurfaced

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The malware, designed to provide its operators with full access to the compromised machines, was used in an information gathering operation that focused mainly on ordinary people, though some victims were found to be high profile industrial, research, or diplomatic targets. The malware was abusing the legitimate TeamViewer remote access tool for its nefarious operations, [...]

16 Mar, 2017

Watson Joins Cybersecurity Warriors’ Ranks

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IBM announced Watson for Cyber Security, a powerful new ally for organizations that want to protect their data from Net marauders. The new offering bolsters the ability of information security pros to analyze the flood of information from the roughly 200,000 events that pour into their Security Operations Centers, or SOCs, every day. About 20 [...]