Business Intelligence Cloud Services

Business Intelligence

World Class BI
A best-in-class analytics platform offering you the full array of intuitive BI tools you expect
Intuitive Cloud Experience
Friendly interactive interface has built-in guidance and tutorials to get users productive quickly
Advanced Analysis and Visualizations
Select interactive visualizations and easily create advanced calculations to reveal the insights in your data
Interactive Dashboards
Configurable dashboards enable you to quickly analyze and manage activity across the entire system

Platform and infrastructure

Oracle Database

Extend your analytics with the power of the market-leading Oracle Database, available in the cloud

Fast Setup, Low Cost
Immediately available, predictable subscription pricing: buy and use what you need, when you need it
Free Staging Environment
Buy the production environment and get pre-production free, to stage rollouts and manage testing
Automated Backup, Recovery and Migration
You control the schedule, BI Cloud Service automates the work

Easy to Use

Fast Analysis

Easily combine data sets and pick visuals to quickly build compelling BI applications
Easy Data Integration
Data integration options to meet your needs, from easy self-service import to operational ETL updates
Always On
Oracle manages system availability and patching so you have the latest and greatest features, trouble-free!

Anytime, Anywhere


Every BI app is immediately available on any device, without any extra work

Secure Collaboration

Share work in progress or completed analytics, securely, on any device

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