Customer Data Management Cloud

Oracle Customer Data Management Cloud (CDM) offers exceptional customer data management capabilities on a subscription-based SaaS platform. CDM Cloud is a simple, quick, and scalable solution that any company can use to consolidate account and contact data originating from multiple sources, verify addresses, resolve duplicate record issues, and ensure a “best version” customer profile that can be trusted by the entire organization.

Customer Master

Consolidate and maintain one, accurate customer view from multiple sources that can be shared across multiple systems

Data Quality

Cleanse, match, and dedupe records and validate addresses using Oracle’s Enterprise Data Quality

Data Enrichment

Add new account and contact records or additional details for existing records using Oracle’s Data as a Service

Data Protection

Prevent unauthorized use of confidential and sensitive information


Accurate and complete customer data is a cornerstone of an effective and efficient enterprise and can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Common problems that arise from inconsistent, incomplete, and inaccurate customer data are very real, including multiple sales reps working on duplicate accounts, ineffective marketing due to duplicate leads and poor customer service resulting from inaccurate data. Each business area depends on their respective systems to track customers and sell more, service faster, or market more efficiently.


Bring Information Together

 Import data from multiple sources to create a single 360º customer view

 Track Data Origin

 Use prebuilt cross referencing to maintain unique record identifiers for each customer record

Build a Single Master Record

 Use prebuilt and configurable survivorship rules to automatically merge duplicate records

 Manage Data in One Place

 Use Oracle’s data management dashboards to manage activities data


Oracle CDM Cloud offers the capability to consolidate, cleanse, standardize, enrich, match, link, and dedupe data from virtually any source into a master repository of best-version records. When data is clean and consolidated, marketers can run email campaigns using correct information and sales teams can manage accounts more effectively.

Standardize and Correct Data

Employ Oracle’s proven, purpose-built data quality engine for data correction and verification

Find and Merge Duplicates

Review, link, and merge records or use automated merge rules

Monitor Change History

Identify issues and optimize data governance rules


Leveraging decades of Oracle’s experience in Master Data Management (MDM), CDM Cloud includes prebuilt source hierarchy and cross referencing components. These components are used to link and merge identified duplicates from multiple sources into one best-version record while maintaining the keys needed for source system collaboration.

Build a Better Record

Enrich your customer profile with data from a variety of sources

Add Social Data and Insights

Enrich accounts and contacts with social media attributes and icons

Add Additional Attributes

Include custom or pre-mapped standard fields

Enrich When You’re Ready

Import batch or enable real-time enrichment for accounts and contacts


With a best-version customer record and a trusted source in Oracle CDM Cloud, an enterprise has one consistent, accurate customer view that can be used across multiple systems and business units.

Share Complete and Accurate Data

Make trusted data available to other systems for faster decision making

Connect with Any Source System

Use common rules-based web services and integration components to connect any time

Secure Sensitive Data

Choose from a variety of access control, encryption, or tokenization security methods

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