Healthcare IT Consulting

EHR Implementation

Organizations implementing complex healthcare IT systems know that there are many stops along the path before reaching the final destination. Extraordinary financial investments are made, and the future and quality of patient care for the local community depend heavily on a successfully delivered project. While individual products and systems may vary by client, our multi-threaded teams of experts know exactly how to improve the quality of your project planning, design, build, activation, business intelligence, and long-term adoption.

We are your partner for the EHR Implementation Journey. Onexte will work with you to effectively select, adopt, and implement EHR solution that fits your needs. We have experience with almost any clinical EHR solutions on the market today. When you partner with us, you know the professionals recruited for your implementation projects are the best in their field. For every aspect of the project lifecycle, you can be certain that every candidate we submit will be a fully-trained, experienced professional who will understand your needs and provide immediate value to fulfill your organizational strategy.

Every implementation requires a complex and customized solution. We offer our clients implementation service options to bring your individual project strategy to fruition. All of our project consultants are full-lifecycle multi-project industry experts. We provide benefits throughout your project, offering valuable experience, and cross-application knowledge that reduce rework and help decrease the overall project cost.

Onexte’s implementation services offer

  • Design, build, and validation
  • Workflow around a patient encounter
  • Project assessment / strategic-implementation planning
  • Lab orders and interfaces with labs
  • Prescription refills and interfaces with pharmacies
  • Clinical content development and training
  • Revenue cycle development / ICD-10
  • Testing and ancillary system integration
  • Data migration
  • Legacy support
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Communication with referring/specialty physicians
  • Integration of existing Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management solutions
  • Information Technology infrastructure
  • ICMS audit and HIPAA compliance
  • Ad-hoc staff augmentation
  • Clinical adoption

Revenue Cycle

While healthcare consumers view patient care as the center of healthcare, for healthcare providers, getting paid for their services is equally important. Good Revenue Cycle practices are essential to keeping denials down, to collecting Accounts Receivable in a timely fashion, and, most importantly, improving cash flow. At Onexte, we combine our clinical and technology expertise with a thorough understanding of financial management in the provider setting to help our clients meet their financial goals.

Many of our consultants are former clinicians and physicians, many of whom have also been Chief Operating Ocers, A/R Directors, Billing Managers, or Revenue Cycle Directors. We understand the nuances of dierent clinical care settings, including hospitals, clinics, physician practices, and acute care facilities.

We stand ready to help your organization not only survive but thrive under the ICD paradigm. We have the resources who understand how to help you deal with one of the most significant changes to healthcare in decades. Perhaps most important of all, we understand the symbiotic relationship between coding and the entire revenue cycle, so we can optimize both at the same time.

According to studies, the advent of ICD-10 means that the productivity of medical coders falls by a full fifty percent during conversion. This almost certainly means adding to your staff, at least on a temporary basis. We can provide experienced coding personnel who can either get you over the hump or provide long-term services. We also incorporate the new coding into a fully optimized revenue cycle to help assure maximum efficiency and peak performance.

Advisory Services

To compete in a healthcare environment increasingly focused on quality and cost, healthcare organizations need to align strategic initiatives, care processes, and information technology to drive organizational quality and performance improvement, foster collaboration and patient satisfaction, and optimize financial results. Our Advisory Services provide trusted experts to help organizations reach both your short-term and long-term goals as healthcare becomes more value-based. Onexte can help meet upcoming requirements with both a strategic and a tactical perspective on the changes required for the future. We design comprehensive solutions that best meet healthcare organization’s strategic IT objectives. We focus on developing solutions that meet complex clinical, financial, regulatory, Web and IT infrastructure strategies.

Our Strategy Advisory team helps your IT department plan for the future: from meeting the needs of ACO & Health Reform to HIT strategic planning to vendor selection and implementation planning, we provide trusted advisors to create tailored, actionable solutions for your organization.
Our Clinical Advisory practice helps you use clinical data to meet the needs of value-based contracts, whether government or commercial incentives. If meeting Meaningful Use (MU) requirements is your goal, we have dedicated MU services to help with all MU stages, from program assessment to full-blown EHR optimization to audit assistance.

Our Physician Advisory Services provide experts in healthcare IT and the underlying data–physicians who can create trusted relationships with your provider staff. Their services are invaluable in completing mission critical projects such CMO and CMIO planning and mentoring, CPOE and physician documentation, and population health management.

Interface & Interoperability Services

We offer proven consulting services to help our clients with every aspect of integration. With the current pressures to improve patient outcomes and with ever-increasing government regulations, the need to handle data efficiently and effectively throughout the healthcare enterprise has become a top priority.

Thanks to our proven experience, Onexte ensures your data is accurate and that the transfer is streamlined to each and every ancillary system. Our integration-project resources apply our proven project methodology to assure that your interfaces are designed and tested effectively. We can:

  • Develop and/or validate your strategic-integration plan
  • Develop sub projects and associated objectives to fulfill the plan
  • Plan, schedule and control integration activities
  • Lead, coordinate, and facilitate all integration resources
  • Manage risk within the integration team to ensure contingency planning
  • Manage projects within the established scope, schedule and budget
  • Implement change-management methodology
  • Play a lead role within the client site that is able to identify additional resource needs


We have the talent and experience to ensure that healthcare organizations have the data they need, when they need it. With the growing importance of reporting as a component of today’s healthcare systems, we focus on creating capabilities that provide our clients with the information needed to make informed decisions throughout the entire organization. Our reporting capabilities meet all meaningful-use standards and go further to offer advanced customization.

Our experienced professionals have the ability to provide advanced reporting capabilities of virtually any variety, whether clinical, financial, or demographic. While many EHR systems offer reporting capabilities, Onexte works to understand each healthcare organization’s unique needs so we can create customized reporting capabilities. We’re always ready to offer recommendations based on the way you work. Our consultants are known for becoming respected team members who contribute quickly and are able to adapt to your reporting needs. We focus on forming a close partnership that allows us to transfer knowledge to your internal team in the most meaningful ways.

Onexte can provide you with new decision-making power as information and data management becomes increasingly important for all healthcare organizations. We understand that data and the information that can be gleaned from it now represent some of the most valuable assets any organization possesses. Our reporting capabilities can help you improve the quality of patient care while reducing costs and gain insights with a holistic view of the healthcare organization.