Internet of Things – IoT

To derive value from the Internet of Things, enterprises need to collect this data as well as secure, analyze, and integrate it with enterprise applications and processes generating the actions that define and drive the value proposition. Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service enables organizations to connect, analyze, and integrate IoT data.


Devices are typically outside of enterprise IT firewalls, making it difficult to securely connect to them from enterprise IT systems. Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service provides the following features that enable organizations to easily connect to IoT devices, securely collect IoT data from them, and interact with them using simple programmatic interfaces.
Device Virtualization—Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service exposes every connected device as a set of resources. This abstracts any complexity associated with device connectivity and standardizes the integration of devices with the enterprise.
Reliable Communication—Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service enables reliable, bidirectional communication allowing guaranteed delivery of messages over unreliable networks and from/to occasionally awake or connected devices.
Flexible Topology—Devices can connect to Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service using different types of network topologies—such as client library and gateway software or by directly using REST API.
Device Identity—Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service handles the security and identity of devices out of the box, simplifying the secure deployment of your IoT applications.


Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service enables you to perform real-time analytics on IoT streams and events, allowing you to identify new services and improve customer satisfaction.
Stream Processing—This provides real-time analysis of data streams with event aggregation, filtering, and correlation. With a user-friendly interface, choose a data analysis pattern to apply to your streams from a built-in assortment of well-known patterns.
Data Enrichment—Enrich raw data streams with contextual information and generate composite streams. Data may be processed as raw data streams from the device or enriched with device metadata, allowing improved correlation of data streams and more-comprehensive analysis.
Event Store—Analyzed data streams can be sent to your integrated cloud services or enterprise applications for further processing and to drive business workflows. Query and visualize massive amounts of data with integrated Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service support.


Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service seamlessly extends enterprise applications and processes with IoT data. The solution uses open interfaces and pre-integration with other Oracle platform-as-a-service (PaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), and on-premises enterprise applications to reduce total cost of ownership for IoT data-enriched applications and processes.
Enterprise Connectivity—Dynamically dispatch critical IoT data and events to applications and process flow. Customers can quickly integrate device data with manufacturing- and transportation-specific applications and process enterprise applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle Transportation Management, and Oracle Service Cloud.
REST APIs—These provide API-based integration with Oracle PaaS, SaaS, and non-Oracle applications and IoT devices. A comprehensive set of APIs provide authenticated access to all aspects of the service.
Command and Control—Send messages to devices from enterprise and mobile applications, independent of device connectivity.

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