Cloud Private turn your data center into a cloud

IBM says it has just such an offering in IBM Cloud Private, a platform focused on assisting private data centers looking for a relatively simple way to move into the cloud. The idea is to offer a consistent way of managing your application stack, regardless of where they reside.

IBM Cloud Private takes middleware and other legacy applications, places them inside Kubernetes containers and transforms them into contemporary applications using Kubernetes container orchestration. The software itself is already containerized, including IBM tools and most major open source databases.

What’s included in IBM Cloud Private

  • IBM Cloud Private is actually quite complex and has several moving parts. They include:
  • Cloud Management Automation – For management across public and private cloud environments to help launch, monitor and manage services.
  • Security and Data Encryption – A security advisor to scan containers across the cloud to surface potentially serious issues and weaknesses, as well as encrypt all data when being moved around.
  • Core Cloud Platform – Includes the container engine, Kubernetes orchestration, Cloud Foundry and essential management tools.
  • Infrastructure choice – Includes support for Cisco, Dell EMC, Intel, Lenovo and NetApp, as well as IBM systems.
  • Data and Analytics – Integrations with database services, such as IBM Db2, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.
  • Application Support and DevOps Tools – Containerized versions of software and development frameworks for building containerized apps using DevOps practices.


Cloud Private also provides tools and APIs to connect cloud services like Salesforce with a company’s on-premises data center and share data from the cloud services with those legacy applications.

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