Managed Infrastructure Services

Managing infrastructure while keeping up with today’s IT demands can be complex, costly and time consuming for companies. Managed Infrastructure Services can simplify infrastructure management with modular services. Clients only pay for what they need. Through our partners, we can globally deliver dynamic remote management services for a broad range of traditional and cloud infrastructures. We use advanced automation and analytics to manage critical infrastructure components worldwide. And with strong ties to cutting edge research, we can continue to improve and help deliver managed services more efficiently.

Managed Application Services

Managed Application Service utilizes a deployment model that’s best for the business and budget. Onexte can manage applications onsite, through our partners, or at one of our data centers. Clients can also choose a hybrid model for different elements of their IT environment. All without lock-in, and with the scalability needed to meet changing business requirements.

Managed Application Service ensures best practices across functional pillars in the cloud. We offer choice of hosting at partner, at customer, or hybrid options. Above all, we also ensure enterprise-grade cloud security and performance. Customers can leverage the newest functionality with each release, gain faster access to innovation, minimize upgrade costs and simplify customization.