7 Dec, 2017

Web Application Security Testing with Open Source ‘OWASP Zed Attack Proxy Project’

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Attackers have an over-growing list of vulnerabilities to exploit in order to maliciously gain access to your web applications, networks and servers. Whether you’re a novice WordPress user or a sophisticated hosting service, if truly determined then an attacker will find any vulnerability you’ve failed to patch and use it to their advantage. New vulnerabilities [...]

4 Dec, 2017

EndPoint Security – Rewriting the rules of patch management

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In a world where seconds matter, the right endpoint solution can be the difference between a successful patch management strategy and one that leaves your organization at risk. Hackers are racing to exploit vulnerable computer systems before software vendors publish patches and you can apply them. When hackers win the race, you lose productivity and [...]

22 Nov, 2017

IBM Quad9 DNS Service

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A new nonprofit has launched a free Domain Name System (DNS) service that filters malicious domains linked to botnets, phishing campaigns, and other malicious activity. The new Quad9 DNS service built by IBM Security, Packet Clearing House, and the Global Cyber Alliance, is aimed at consumers and small- to midsized businesses, and doesn't share or [...]

14 Nov, 2017

Measuring effectiveness of Cybersecurity

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The majority of organizations don't apply metrics to their cybersecurity efforts, and those that do often measure the wrong things. Here’s how to ensure your cybersecurity projects pay off. And even when organizations' information security function does generate and deliver data about the business' security, it typically never gets read. To help security departments align [...]